3 fruits win: double hit

3 Fruits Win Double Hit is a no-frills online slot game based on the fruit machines of the early 1900s. The first machines featured fruit symbols, but were banned in San Francisco because they were deemed too addictive. Eventually, manufacturers began changing the reels to include fruits instead of playing card symbols to make the game more appealing to players. Now, every bet equals a winning combination.

As the name suggests, this game has two separate grids and five paylines. The second grid pays out when a player receives three of the same type of symbol on any one of the adjacent paylines. The game field also displays the cash value of the stars on the left side of the reels. This means that every time a player receives three or more adjacent symbols on a pay line, they win on both fields. This feature is especially beneficial if you manage to land on a 10x payout for a single spin.

3 Fruits Win: Double Hit has high-volatility features, meaning that it is low-paying, but you can expect big wins! The fruit symbols in the game are accompanied by golden stars, making it a game that will appeal to players of all levels. The slot machine is available on mobile and desktop platforms. The graphics of this slot are incredibly realistic and look realistic. It also features 3D graphics which makes traditional fruit symbols appear more life-like than ever.

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